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Sheet but it will expose sheets not visible absolutely amazing now to go to the left control page up it’s a great keyboard shook especially when you have.

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A huge workbook filled with mini sheets Microsoft Excel Training  now keyboards are really fundamental to becoming efficient a topic that many people are not aware of is number form and now lots of people you know on the planet earth everyone uses Excel and many different endeavors and people know how.

To use formulas and pivot tables Microsoft Excel Training but a lot of times number formatting will trip them up but here’s the deal there’s only one concept you need to get and then you understand number formatting it’s a facade number formatting like accounting currency percentage it’s just something that sits on top.

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it’s like painting the house or putting a Halloween mask on the surface can be different than underneath now let me delete these if I come here in alt equals tab tab notice I put something in the cell and I was immediately going to the right so I use tab alt equals now what’s going on her.

I can clearly add this in my head these Linkedin Microsoft Excel Training should equal and these should equal a hundred well what we see on the surface of the spreadsheets and can sometimes be different than what’s actually in the cell I’m going to highlight these and I’m going to notice that up here on the quay.

I have increased as the second button so I’m an alt to two and there we go we can see that number formatting something as Microsoft Excel Training simple as decrease in the deaths was showing us something different on the surface of the spreadsheet that number for .