Reasons Why You Cannot Learn Epicor Support Well

Positions epicor support create profiles fill out applications and all that information will then funnel back here into our CHM database now I’m going to go ahead and rearrange my homepage to get a better view as a recruiter if I go ahead and click here on the customize button I can now move things around to the drag and drop field I can also choose from a list of dashboards and component.

That are within my security and there’s several dozen of them go ahead and put in my requisition or my recruiter requisition dashboard put it at the top of my screen click OK close on out of here and i will have taken off my manager hat for a moment and put on my recurring hat just to get an idea of where things stand with the organization and our open position so i can see by hovering over these items that we have open requisitions and we received for new applications.

last night we also entered two new evaluation notes which we define as a touch point with this candidate so maybe it was an email correspondence or a phone interview and the idea here is all these touch points are going to funnel again into a central repository so everyone involved in the recruiting process can see the notes from the other people involved in the recruiting process.

And if i hover down just one more here we can see we actually did make an offer today now i can toggle a few ways here i can see just internal applicants just open requisitions and just ones that are assigned to me we also have the ability to create some advanced filters so based upon employment type or requested pay or when a date parameters of when these applications came in i can use those over here orange of toggle to the back and i can see the for new applications i just received and maybe review this candidate information or how they filled out the application.

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