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The precise speed but once I got  the knack of but it wasn’t too too bad  yeah the things that I did are really  Portable Printers-portable Printers ugly and I feel that this is one of  those things that once you start getting  the knack for it you could do a lot  better work you like I thought that was  the feeling I had I felt like well as  well so depending on what your you’re  doing if you want to do finer detail the  slow button but will do the fast so the  hard part about.

This for me was getting  the initial adhesion and then it was  also hard managing the feed rate for the  head like it’s you have to go at pretty  much I spent Portable Printers  probably two hours working with it all  told yeah and I felt like there was  still plenty of skill ceiling above  there for me to continue to improve yeah  you’re getting much better adhesion with  the packing tape than.

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I did with the  with the blue payors yeah work strip I  just wanted it yeah see that it pops off  um I had pretty good like I so I tried  it with some other Portable Printers stuff too yeah I had  portable printers a piece that was on my refrigerator that  had broken a piece of plastic on my  refrigerator broken that the  refrigerator manufacturer wanted like   dollars to replace yeah of course  and I thought Tom then.

I wonder if I can use this magical d handheld pen printer device to kind of stitch it back together the answer portable printers to that is kind of really work very LinkedIn Portable Printers well the piece while the piece was on well enough to hold it wasn’t strong to be structurally sound yeah like if it was if.